Reopening June 1

We can't wait to see our current and new students this coming Monday, June 1st as we reopen! As you rejoin us or newly begin with our Jeet Kune Do family, we will keep both your health and self defense at the forefront of our focus:

* Face masks will be required
* Temperature check at entry
* Cleaning of the Academy by staff between classes
* Minimal contact at first and focus on fine tuning techniques & self defense strategies
* Adapt together as we weather storms that come before us

As parents, we want our children to grow and mature, possessing the confidence to lead happy, fulfilling lives. We also know that no matter how careful we try to be, eventually our children will face life's challenges on their own, equipped with the skills and qualities that we have taught them or enabled them to learn.

Williams Academy training will equip your child:

  • to move through difficult environments or circumstances while remaining calm, alert, and free from anxiety;
  • to de-escalate, avoid, and/or survive a physically dangerous situation;
  • to be mentally and emotionally disciplined, able to live peacefully within a community, and be a good citizen.

Jeet Kune Do focuses not on advancing through ranks, but on practical knowledge applied to real situations. While traditional martial art schools make money by forcing parents into long-term contracts and charging fees for rank testing, our academy takes a simpler approach. Your monthly tuition covers your child's classes.

Since Jeet Kune Do is self-defense for the street, your child will train in their “street clothes:” t-shirt, sweatpants, and sneakers. No expensive uniforms, just an academy t-shirt that your child will love to wear anytime.

We believe that being safe, smart, and free from fear make for a happy childhood. We want that for our children and yours, and we strive for this at the Williams Academy.

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We welcome your questions. Contact us to learn how you can prepare to protect yourself and those you love.