Your time is precious. Accomplishing two things at once is the dream, right?

Getting in shape yields huge rewards, mentally, physically and emotionally, but in our extremely busy lives it always feels like such a time investment and is often an afterthought. Similarly, self-defense should be a priority, but just thinking about being in those situations is a little scary and not something you want to confront. At our academy you can achieve both goals – in a safe environment, and at a time that suits your schedule.

Williams Academy training will benefit you:

  • by increasing your strength, balance, reflexes and flexibility;
  • by cultivating cardiovascular endurance and muscle coordination;
  • by equipping you with effective techniques to defend yourself and protect your loved ones.

You can get an intense workout while gaining the body awareness and coordination to take care of yourself in physically dangerous situations. We offer classes throughout the week and also on weekends, so you are sure to find a class offering that fits well with your other activities.

Our school combines the practical and time-tested training of a martial arts school with the holistic approach to fitness found at the best fitness centers. But instead of the intimidating atmosphere you would find at another school or fitness gym, at the Williams Academy we listen to your needs and goals, and provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can achieve them.

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