Williams Academy of Jeet Kune Do and Self Defense

North Texas’ Premier Self Defense & Jeet Kune Do Academy

Moms & Dads:

Do you want your child to get true self-defense for the modern world and NOT have to pay for contracts or belt testing fees every 6-8 weeks?

Women, Men, & Teens:

Do you want to get in shape without the typical "martial art school" feel, but still learn modern, practical self-defense?

Former Martial Artists:

Wondering if what you studied before will work in real life in today's age, but the "styles" and schools that you've seen don't feel quite right?

Reopening June 1

We can't wait to see our current and new students this coming Monday, June 1st as we reopen! As you rejoin us or newly begin with our Jeet Kune Do family, we will keep both your health and self defense at the forefront of our focus:

* Face masks will be required
* Temperature check at entry
* Cleaning of the Academy by staff between classes
* Minimal contact at first and focus on fine tuning techniques & self defense strategies
* Adapt together as we weather storms that come before us

Why Join Our Academy?


Our training is personalized and tailored to your body, needs, and situations to defend yourself


Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy, not a style. The curriculum has been gathered from experts around the world and passed down through generations of legitimate students of Bruce Lee.


No contracts, no expensive uniforms, no belt testing fees, etc. You wear an academy t-shirt and your own work out shorts/pants, and sneakers.

The Key Components of Jeet Kune Do

Self Defense

Self Defense

Self-defense philosophies, techniques, awareness, and control of your body and mind. Focus on controlling emotions, awareness of your surroundings, dealing with a larger attacker, and dealing with multiple assailants.


Combines various techniques of punching, hand strikes, and elbows from western and eastern concepts through close to mid range situations. Incorporates Jun Fan Boxing, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Filipino Boxing (Panantuken), etc.


Combines various uses of the foot, knee, shin, and leg to intercept, deflect, protect, and strike an opponent. Incorporates Jun Fan Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Wing Chun, etc.


The ability to intercept, deflect, or block an attack while still maintaining the ability to “feel” what the opponent intends to do and be aware of other dangers. Trapping helps you to flow through the other concepts of Jeet Kune Do; i.e. trap an opponents strike and counterstrike, intercept an opponents leg to immobilize and disengage, feel someone who has grabbed you in order to use their intentions to your advantage. Incorporates Wing Chun, Jun Fan Trapping, Kali-Silat, joint locks, throws, take downs, sweeps, etc.


Involves both standing and ground entanglements of opponents. Most violent situations move to the ground within approximately 30 seconds. These concepts provide the body control to deal with someone or multiple persons on the ground or while in the punching and trapping ranges. Incorporates Jun Fan Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, modified Shoot Wrestling, etc.


Defensive and offensive measures against weapons that resemble a stick or blade, disarming an opponent, disabling an opponent, and retreating to a safe distance. Incorporates Filipino Kali and Escrima single stick, single knife, double stick, and double knife defenses and attacks throughout the various distance ranges of an assailant. JKD allows you to flow in and out of these ranges as the situation dictates. Based on your needs/abilities, absorb what is useful to you in these ranges and make it your own JKD.

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We welcome your questions. Contact us to learn how you can prepare to protect yourself and those you love.